What does Virgin Earth Recycle?

If it runs on electricity or batteries (or used to), it's e-waste and we recycle it. We recycle computers and their components, network equipment, cabling, electric and electronic machinery and batteries. We also recycle metals or metal-containing objects such as network cabinets or shelves. If you're not sure whether what you want recycled is e-waste, please contact us to ask.

What does Virgin Earth NOT Recycle?

Paper, household plastics, glass bottles and other items that your local recycler processes. We specialize in electronic waste only, and can recycle the ABS type plastics and monitor glass associated with this, but not household or general waste. We do not recycle flourescent bulbs or magnetic tape.

Do you charge a fee or pay to collect, recycle and destroy e-waste?

No. Collections for business or corporate clients are free, as are Certificates of Destruction if required. We do not charge for these collections, and we do not pay for the e-waste collected. Any scrap value recovered helps to cover our costs of recycling these items.

Unfortunately, due to rising costs, we have had to stop our household collection service, as the cost to collect more often than not outweighs the recycled value we are able to recover.

What happens to my e-waste after Virgin Earth collects it?

We evaluate and test each item, then sort and processes it appropriate to component and material type. If at all possible we try to repurpose rather than destroy. However, we do guarantee that anything re-used is cleaned of all signs of a previous owner.

Any residual data is wiped from items that may store it (such as old hard drives) to ensure your privacy is protected. If you are concerned about the data on your hard drive, please download the free Darik's Boot and Nuke (1.45 MB .zip file), run it, and then let us process your clean hard drive, or re-use it in a machine destined for one of our charities. Please note that this will scrub any hard drive found in the machine, so use with caution.

How can I get my other stuff recycled?

In the Cape Town area we recommend Clearer Concience, who provide a household collection service.

What if I'm not in the Cape Town area?

We can hook you up with recommended e-waste recyclers in other parts of South Africa to cover your area's needs. Please contact us and we'll pass on your details to the appropriate company.

Do you have any locations where I can drop off my e-waste?

Unfortunately not. Contact your nearest Makro to find out if they can take your household e-waste.

What if I want to donate to your cause?

Donations are ALWAYS welcome. Please see here for details.