Virgin Earth and Our Community

Virgin Earth takes social responsibility seriously. We believe in empowering people for success through enabling them to reach beyond their circumstances.

Virgin Earth strives to provide planet-friendly options and solutions to enrich the community we live in. We often receive perfectly-working items for recycling, that we set aside to refurbish to help those in need. We are aware of the dangers of data and identity theft, and will ensure no trace of the original owner or their data remains on any equipment refurbished for re-use.

If you are a charity looking for equipment, please contact us. Contact us too if you would like to contribute toward a local project or charity with time, cash, e-waste or experience.

What we re-use

Technology is constantly changing, and we believe in giving those we help the best we possibly can. We refurbish computers rated Pentium 4 and above. We re-use working CRT and LCD/LED monitors, keyboards and mouses. We mix and match working printers with still-almost-full printer cartridges. We securely wipe working hard drives size 40gig plus.

Any items too old for re-use, or not in working condition, are stripped to their basic elements for recycling.